Hello my name is Katie and I have a dog named Boss.  I got Boss as a puppy when I was living in Spokane. I was living in a studio.  I was going through a lonely time in my life.  I was with my best friend Tressa and she told me that her sister Hopes' dog had a litter of puppies. The puppies were free and she asked if I wanted get one. I said yes! We drove to Moses Lake, Washington. I saw all the puppies. Before I got there my friend Tressa was telling me that I should get the fat one. I got there and of course I could not choose which one to pick. So I just went with my friend's idea and I got the fattest one. That's how I got Boss. I named him Boss because when I looked at him he had the look like he was going to be in charge. Who could Beat the Boss? I took him home to my studio and we bonded. I got him a Teletubby doll or somebody gave me a Teletubby doll. And I let him have it because I don't like Teletubby so I let him ruin that telecopy and destroy it. I was with my friend and we were doing a Mary Kay makeover thing at a freinds house. Back then I was a first-time owner so I thought it was okay to give my dog some leftover spaghetti. I got back to check on Boss there was puke everywhere in my studio. So I called my friend Bonnie and ask to come over to help me figure out what I should do.

So she came over to check him out and she was worried that he had parvo. The next day we took him to a vet. The night before he was puking all night and he was very sick. So we took him to the vet the next day and they gave him a shot because he wasn't drinking or eating. the vet said that he may have neurological issues because he was doing some funny neurological stuff too. When we realized he didn't have parvo and wasn't contagious we took him to Bonnie's and to spend time with her dogs. When we got to Bonnie's boss acted like he wasn't even sick at all and then Bonnie made the joke that it was because he missed being at Bonnie's.

Boss loves goingon trips. he has gone on trips with me to Washington and Seattle and he rode beside us on our bikes. Teeri and I went street riding with him in Seattle an Bellingham, Wa. He can go on long hiking trips.

Boss like his mom, he does like to sleep in. Boss loves riding in the car. He is a very dominant dog. He is a chiweenie. Half Dachshund half Chihuahua.


Living in amazing Montana.